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Laboratory Setup and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Checklist

Setting up a laboratory is a demanding procedure that must be done efficiently. If you are transferring your lab to a new facility or are setting up a new lab, there are steps that must be followed to ensure a safe transition. From plans and procedures, to selecting a space and lab staff, there are many factors that go into establishing a successful laboratory. This checklist will help guide you through the process. The checklist covers the following topics:

Registrations and Permitting
  • In addition to DOT and EPA ID registration, your lab will require the applicable permits for your location.
Decontamination and Material Management
  • Before the move, laboratory staff should ensure the new lab space is fully decontaminated and waste and excess materials are removed.
Plans and Procedures
  • Required plans and procedures including, SOPs, regulatory reporting, Chemical Hygiene Plans, and more.
Ongoing EHS Services
  • Routine maintenance services including, compliance inspections, training, waste collection, record keeping, and more.
  • Comprehensive EHS program combining onsite support, training, plans, and ongoing EHS services.

The Life Sciences experts at Triumvirate Environmental understand establishing a lab is complex and includes several phases such as, equipment distribution, staff training, and material management. We are here to assist with every stage of the lab setup process.

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